Curly Hair

Type 3 hair has more defined, springy curls that form spirals or ringlets. If your curls are similar in size to the large sidewalk chalk you used as a kid, then you're Type 3A. If your curls have the circumference of a Sharpie, then you're Type 3B . If your curls have the circumference of a pencil or a straw, then you're Type 3C. Many people believe that Type 3C curls are almost their own category, because they are much tighter corkscrews and generally have much more volume than 3A or 3B curls, yet they are still very different from Type 4.

Curl Community Favorites

Washing and Conditioning: LOVE Curl

The ingredients in these products are the closet you would find to nature. The are amazing for the environment and amazing for curly hair Types 3A-3c!


Primer: Davines Authentic Replenishing Butter

This leave in treatment protects against all challenges and is the perfect primer for styling.

LOVE Curl Cleaning Cream

A hybrid for those in between wash days without sacrificing scalp health.

Styling: Davines Medium Hold Styling Gel and Curl Building Serum

These two products are interchangeable for all different levels of hold - and both are moisturizing.





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