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Hair Loss and DevaCurl Update

Many clients have been contacting the salon as well as having conversations during their visit around the building news of claims being made against DevaCurl products causing hair loss. As the Owner and Master Curl Specialist, a Licensed Cosmetologist, I wanted to reach out and address this directly.

Hair Loss and DevaCurl Update

There are so many "experts" and "influencers" and "curl specialists" in my opinion giving very bad advice. When looking at curly hair tips and trends, watching videos and really just seeing whats new and available it can be overwhelming. These things are exciting and often the people showing these tips or techniques have beautiful hair and they make these things seem so simple. I like to advise clients to stick to these simple rules and ask yourself these questions when online and using social media:

  • Does the person have a Cosmetology License?

  • What makes this person an expert at what they are telling you?

  • Is this person or source making money or fame from what they are telling you?

When it comes to buying and using hair care products it really is a daunting process when you look at all the messages being directed at us as consumers. Marketing campaigns use systematic techniques often implementing psychology to influence a consumers purchase. I recommend focusing on the facts as a foreshadowing of what you can expect from a product:

  • What country is this product made in? (Each country has different health and beauty product standards)

  • Where are you purchasing these products? (Yes this really does affect the quality of the product)

  • Why would where a product is made be important to consider?

FDA standards ban roughly a dozen ingredients for health and beauty products in comparison to Europe/Canada who ban roughly two thousand plus ingredients. The FDA also does not require manufacturers to label ingredients less than .05% These major differences should remind us to do additional research.

Why would where you purchase your products matter?

It does matter, especially when you are spending money on a product you trust and you think you are getting a good sale or value. I like to remind clients that drugstore products in my opinion are not good or bad, rather they are convenient and that is what they were intended to be. Marketing starts to make us believe something can be a "miracle" product. We start to combine the size and volume of a product to its price. Which is completely misleading. Professional products that are found online, in the drugstore, grocery store and chain big box stores cannot be trusted as professional products. For example when I no longer wanted to carry Rene Furterer I had the option to sell my inventory to the companies I now carry as a credit. I chose not to. These products would have then been sold to third party distribution companies who store products for at least a year until their bar codes expire. These products are then sold as filler product in many chain stores and placed next to products they actually want you to buy. This is how discount stores get these brands and encourage you to buy them when you see them. These products at the very least are old, but more often are also counterfeit.

While as a licensed cosmetologist and a business owner I would prefer clients to purchase products from me and my team, since we are the ones who have taken time to educate, problem solve and recommend things that will work in your hair. My team and I encourage you to always buy products from a salon.Ingredients matter, but so does complete information and facts. We often hear clients recite a list of ingredients they avoid because they have read or heard from "experts" that they should. We prefer moderation. Chemical names can be confusing. Simple chemistry is not the same as advanced formulation. The information being communicated on social media by unlicensed "experts" rarely tells the whole complete story. Remember this. I remember for example, when the idea behind losing weight was to avoid fat. Years later we now focus on good and bad fats, heart healthy fats, and we know there is so much more information we need to understand to make those decisions. I believe this balance and moderation holds true for everything.

How is this information connected to hair loss and the claims being made against DevaCurl?

When we listen to those we shouldn't and they tell us to focus on just the hair, the curl pattern, how to get the best second to fourth day hair, how to layer on product after product etc etc. We are completely ignoring the health of our scalp and basic hygiene. We would never wash our body with lotion and expect it to remove the dirt of the world, germs and bacteria from our body. Nor would we wash and scrub our body multiple times a day and expect our skin not to dry out and experience numerous problems. If we focus on the foundation, the building blocks of healthy hair, it starts at the scalp and hair bulb health.

In my licensed professional opinion, when we go to extremes and ignore the foundations of health and hygiene. When we seek the advice and listen to people, groups and companies who do not have the proper education, licensure or motives, problems will occur. When we think back to any news stories about products and problems individuals experience, they are mostly if not all, products that are not considered professional products nor meet those standards. When products go from being only available from licensed professionals to big box and online sales, something has changed.

Moving forward we must look at the big picture:

Stop trusting everything we see on social media.Look for a Cosmetology License to validate information.Trust your body, give it what it needs and keep it in clean working order.Stop buying products everywhere and anywhere.Use professional products from licensed professionals.Stay away from trends & buzz words. Focus on Facts and Science.

We're here for you. If you or anyone you talk to wants to stop in and get quick recommendations and simple steps then do it! We love talking about this stuff! If you have more in depth questions and want to sit down and talk, just schedule a consultation with us. We'll set aside 45 minutes to talk to you, exam your scalp and hair and give some in salon and at home steps. If you have an upcoming appointment then talk to us then, write things down and bring your questions. Licensed Cosmetologists focus in different areas. We focus on wavy, curly, coily and natural hair, scalp health and hair health. Remember, you are beautiful! You are not alone, we're here to help. Lets talk soon!

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