Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is characterized by S-shaped waves (rather than coils). If your hair is close to straight but has a loose, gentle bend, you likely have Type 2A waves. If your hair is mostly straight at the roots and more defined waves form below your eye level, your waves are Type 2B. If your waves start right at the roots and you have very defined waves mixed with actual ringlets, then you are Type 2C.

Curl Community Favorites

Washing and Conditioning: EVO The Therapist

These products add moisture but are not too heavy - making them perfect for 2A-2C hair and a favorite among the curl community!


Primer: LOVE Curl Primer

This leave in primer is a light weight moisturizer that is optimal for wavy and curly hair - and top pick from Curl Salon members!

Styling: Davines Liquid Spell and Curl Building Serum

Liquid Spell is the all round MVP for adding body, strength and heat protection. You can use alone or with the Curl Building Serum that will add hold but not crunch.




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