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Welcome to Curly Pittsburgh! 


We began as a salon dedicated to serving wavy, curly, coily, kinky and natural hair in Pittsburgh. As a direct response to growth and increased client and customer needs we have evolved into Curly Pittsburgh - which includes The Curl Salon and The Curl Store.

At The Curl Salon, Christopher makes every visit to The Curl Salon truly an experience. Known for our consultative approach, together we develop a plan just for you. If you are new to understanding your natural hair or well versed in every technique, we create a customized simple routine to fit your lifestyle. Our one on one attention allows for focus on you, always in a supportive positive perspective.


Leaving unhealthy services, techniques and products behind can be scary. Our space is a safe place for everyone. We believe wavy, curly, coily and natural hair is beautiful, is professional and the healthiest way to be! 

Our experience range is from wavy to curly, coily and natural hair, commonly referred to as 2A through 4C. 

Specialized Curly Cutting techniques, Ammonia Free hair coloring services, Scalp Health and Hair Health is our focus. We are proud to be Pittsburgh's premier wavy, curly, coily, kinky and natural hair salon both in experience as well working differently. We focus one on one without moving clients from person to person. All in a positive, calming, professional upscale yet down to earth environment we create a safe space for every client to tell their story without shame or fear.


In The Curl Store, you will find common brands as well as new ones. We strive to carry products designed to meet a variety of naturally curly hair needs to Pittsburgh. The products are: Paraben, Sulfate*, Silicone* and Cruelty free! Our selection is always increasing as new products are brought on board. We believe that what we put on our body matters, who makes the products we use matter and the environment including animals should not suffer for our beauty needs.

New Location Now Open 

The new location is located at 424 Suismon Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 - located on the corner of Suismon and James Streets. This location will be much easier for clients coming from both the North and the South Hills, with an easy to access location for the East clients as well. Parking is street parking, free for up to 2 hours, along both Suismon and James Streets.

Please make sure to search your emails containing The Curl Store and Curly Pittsburgh. Also, follow us on social media for current hours. I appreciate all of your support and look forward to being able to once again provide you with the best service I can give in our new space!




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424 Suismon Street

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