Curl Cutting at The Curl Salon

Dry Cutting and Cleansing

Cutting hair dry, regardless of the texture, allows us to see the hair as you style it on a regular basis. It also allows us to see the hair take shape as it is being cut rather than waiting until after the blowout to see the end result. 

We know you will enjoy the cleansing process in our washing basins that are like no other in Pittsburgh. In fact, they are imported from Italy  - and will keep you comfortable and allow for a massage.


Our process starts with a consultation. We want to get to know you and your hair care goals before we get started. 


Styling is a verb, not a product. We are going to meet your hair care needs by showing you simple ways to style your hair using products that are safe and will leave you looking and feeling fantastic. Our products meet European standards so they are safer than standard health and beauty products. 

Air Drying and Finishing

We can make you look fantastic and set you up for at home success. We replicate air drying and you will be able to style your hair without the use of any unnecessary or extra tools. 

Success Planning

Healthy hair takes times - and you most likely won't meet your goal on the first visit. Your hair and scalp will change over time with the right direction and treatments. We are here to work together as partners on your hair care journey.

How to arrive for your Specialty Curly Cut or Color Service

Arrive with Dry, Detangled hair no more than 2 days since washing. Feel Free to use any styling products you would normally use but refrain from using any curling wands, ponytails, clips or pins as we want to see your hair in its natural curly state.

Its important to know that we do not cut and color hair at the same visit and ask for 72 hours between these services. We use our advanced techniques to optimize hair health and scalp health to both repair and improve scalp health during Curl cutting services and to maintain optimum color retention and toning as well as protecting scalp health during color services.




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