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Curl Coloring at The Curl Salon

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Not all hair color is created equally - and not all colors are formulated to work well with curly hair.

The Curl Salon is an ammonia free salon with a realistic approach. We offer fashionable hair color for everyday real women - whether you are heading to a board meeting or a parent teacher conference or to workout - we know that hair color has to work with a clients lifestyle.

We offer techniques and options to put our clients in charge. Including understanding how hair color works, risks involved with using hair color and how best to customize a clients visual goal with a variety of techniques to empower each client to make the best decision for themselves.

How to arrive for your Specialty Curly Cut or Color Service

Arrive with Dry, Detangled hair no more than 2 days since washing. Feel Free to use any styling products you would normally use but refrain from using any curling wands, ponytails, clips or pins as we want to see your hair in its natural curly state.

Its important to know that we do not cut and color hair at the same visit and ask for 72 hours between these services. We use our advanced techniques to optimize hair health and scalp health to both repair and improve scalp health during Curl cutting services and to maintain optimum color retention and toning as well as protecting scalp health during color services.

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